Help Afghan Girls, Women, and Families

We're supporting Afghan girls, women, and families in two ways, and we would love your help.

1) Help refugee families reach the USA. 
In the New York Times you read about Roya's family and others that are living as refugees.  If you donate to them, 100% of your funds will be used for their food and basic needs while waiting for P2 visas, their eventual plane tickets to the USA (where our host families will be waiting to receive them with open arms), and the costs of beginning their new lives here.

Roya preparing to cross the border.jpg

 We're so glad you found us. 

2) Help young women in Afghanistan. 
Every dollar you donate to this fund will be given to our partner NGO that is still working inside Afghanistan to support teenage girls and young women in every way possible.  If your heart aches with concern for the well-being of young women who weren't able to leave, this is a way to make their lives a little easier over the months ahead.

Roya preparing to leave Kabul.jpg

 Now, please, help us. 

You are also welcome to write and mail a check to:

The Memory Project
2163 N. Gateway St
Middleton, WI 53562

Please include a note to indicate whether you are donating to fund #1 or fund #2 above.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Thank you so much for your support.