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Global Art Exchange

- EST. 2019 -

K-12 Students around the world exchange heartfelt artwork

Our Global Art Exchange is a program for K-12 participants. In this one-to-one exchange American  students engage in artistic peacebuilding by sharing handmade, heartfelt artwork with kids from countries that are culturally very different from the USA. Currently we are exchanging with youth from Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Nigeria.

K-12 Teachers

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Review information below. 


If you need approval from a principal or parents, check out these forms.


Email or call us at (608) 285-2543 to tell us how many students will participate!

We request a contribution of $12 per student, which is our only source of funding.


If you work at a low-income school or your class cannot afford the full contribution for any reason, please let us know. Our goal is to include as many young artists as possible regardless of finances.

The Process

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E-mail Nora at telling us how many students will participate and we will let you know which countries and timelines we have available. Next, we will match your students with children abroad and email you pictures (front and back) of the artwork made by those children. This way, your students can see the art and photo of the child before they begin their own creations.


We will also send you a link to an informational teacher resource page about the children and country, which includes an informational/instructional video for your students (sample below).


Your students create art in response to the artwork from the children abroad following our size, media and format guidelines. You mail the finished artwork to us along with your financial contribution to support the program costs.


We send your finished artwork to the children overseas. Within a week, we mail you the physical artwork created by those children for your students to keep. Exchange complete! 

Example Teacher Resource Video:  Syria


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of the young people involved in this program. We do not share details regarding any child’s identity or location with any person who is not a Memory Project staff memberThough you may share photos of artwork online, we ask that you not post any photos of the actual children.


View our full privacy policy here


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