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Thank you for exchanging artwork with children in Afghanistan!

Feel free to use the following resources if you'd like to teach your students about the children and culture of Afghanistan while they create their artwork. 


Afghanistan is the the 39th most populated country in the world, full of large, close-knit families. The dominant ethnic groups are the Pashtun and the Tajiks, the national languages are Pashto and Dari, and 99% of the population is Muslim. Located in the crossroads of South-Central Asia, Afghanistan has been the site of turmoil and tragedy throughout time. Because of terrorist groups like the Taliban, many Afghan civilians live in constant threat of violence and human rights atrocities. Families, including thousands of children, are being displaced and forced to live in extreme poverty and fear. This exchange will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for American students to connect with Afghan children--to get a glimpse into their hopes, fears, and dreams through artwork that carries a message of kindness and appreciation from a different world.

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Learn about some traditional Afghan dishes from this blog post from The Afghan Perspective. 

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This blog post on SIPRI begins to summarize what the Afghan people continue to endure after 40 years of violent conflict. 

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This short video on Vimeo shows stunning footage of the places and people around Afghanistan. 

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See what the top attractions in Afghanistan are with this article from The Crazy Tourist. 

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Learn a bit about life in Afghanistan through the eyes of kids who are learning to skateboard in Kabul with this video on Vimeo.

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This BBC video news report shows what life under the Taliban is like for Afghan citizens. 


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