Artwork Guidelines:

Stewards of the Earth


Painting, drawing, or mixed media on standard, letter-sized 

8.5 x 11 in. paper

Theme: Stewardship of the earth


  • Read this webpage as inspiration. What images come to mind?  

  • Draw something that involves the combination of water, air, and fire

  • What outdoor space makes you feel most peaceful?

  • Picture one way that you can help protect our planet.

  • Paint or draw your favorite landscape.

Encourage creativity. The artwork can be completely abstract, literal, or anything in between!


Student photo. It is essential to attach a nice, respectable photo of the student who created the artwork. All children in this exchange must be able to see each other through a photo on the back. If this is not possible for you, please contact us to discuss alternative solutions.

Hand outline. Each student traces an outline of their hand as a way of symbolically touching hands with the child on the other side.

Student's name. Each student writes their first name (only) and age inside the tracing of the hand. For security purposes, students are not allowed to include any contact information.