Art Exchange Instructions

International Orgs

Your children will create artwork for the children in America first. Children on both sides of the exchange will follow the artwork guidelines below.



1. Have your participants create their artwork according to these artwork guidelines (below)


2. Collect the artwork. As you collect the artwork, take photos of each child posing with their artwork.





NOTE: it is very helpful if you collect the children’s drawings in the very same order in which you photograph the children holding their drawings. That way the photos of the children will match the drawings when we print them out, and it makes it very easy for us to match them up.


[NOTE #2: If you are also participating in our Portrait Program, this would be the time that you also take the photos of the children for portraits. Please follow separate Portrait Program instructions.]

3. Mail us the artwork (we can discuss our options, and will cover the cost of shipping).


4. Send us the digital photos of the children holding their artwork by Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc. If storage space becomes a problem just let us know and we can create an account for you in Google Drive.




Our next step: we will match our students with your children, have them create the artwork, and deliver or mail you their artwork once it is complete (months later). 


Painting, drawing, or mixed media on standard A4 paper

Inspired by prompts like:

  • What do you see when you think of peace, friendship, or kindness?

  • What place makes you feel most peaceful?

  • Picture something that makes you feel happy.

  • Paint or draw your family or friends.


Encourage creativity. The artwork can be completely abstract, literal, or anything in between!


Hand outline. Each student traces an outline of their hand as a way of symbolically touching hands with the American child. Please keep to one side, as we will be taping the photos of the children holding their artwork on the other.

Student's name. Each student writes their first name (only) and age inside the tracing of the hand. For security purposes, students are not allowed to include any contact information.