Teacher Resources

Thank you for exchanging artwork with children in Pakistan!

Feel free to use the following resources if you'd like to teach your students about the children and culture of Pakistan while they create their artwork. 

Informational Video

Pakistan's culture is a melting pot of Indian, Persian, Afghan, and Asian influences and its landscapes are just as varied. Originally founded to provide its people with a way of life-based on Islam, Pakistan is a predominately muslim country. Large extended families are common and music and dance are an important part of Pakistani culture. The children who will exchange artwork with your students live in poverty or without their parents in orphanages. This exchange will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for American students to get a glimpse into their hopes, fears, and dreams through artwork that carries a message of kindness and appreciation from a different world.


Feel free to share the informational/instructional video to your right with your students to teach them a bit about the project and the children.

Helpful Links


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This profile by Peace Insight briefly describes the various conflicts that exist within Pakistan as well as the organizations working towards peace in the region. 


This YouTube video captures a performance of Qawwali, a Muslim devotional music associated particularly with Sufis in Pakistan. 


Get a glimpse of the most unique and unusual things to do in Pakistan with this list from Atlas Obscura.


See what it takes to put on traditional Pakistani wedding in this family's YouTube video


Get acquainted with Pakistani culture--from currency to customs--with this guide to Pakistan from Commisceo Global.