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First, we email you cropped headshots of each child along with their first name, age, favorite color, interests, and three positive words they choose to describe themselves.

Next, your students can either create portraits or identity art for them.
- Any 2-D form of art is welcome, including digitally-created art and mixed media.
- The art can be done on any type of paper or other surface that is similarly lightweight (please do not use boards).
- The maximum size should be 9x12" in order to fit inside the plastic sleeves we use to protect each piece.


Advanced students (capable of capturing a realistic likeness) create portraits to honor each child's unique presence in our world.  The Memory Project gets its name from our original effort in 2004 to create portraits as special "memories" for children living in orphanages.

Identity Art

Students of all ages are invited to create artwork featuring the children's first names and the positive words they choose to describe themselves.  The aim of this "identity art" is to encourage positive self-esteem, and including the children's photos in the art is also a nice touch.

On back of the artwork
- VERY important: Please write the child's ID code in the top left corner.  Otherwise we might not know which child is meant to receive it!
- VERY important: All artists should use tape to attach a nice photo of themselves, because the children LOVE to see them!  If your school does not allow this, an avatar or other representation of each artist may be attached instead.

- Each artist should also trace an outline of their hand as a way of symbolically touching hands with the child (use a pen rather than a marker so it does not bleed through the other side).
- Finally, artists should write their first name and age inside the tracing of their hand, along with a short and uplifting message (such as, "I send my very best wishes to you").

- For security purposes, artists are not allowed to include contact information.

Example Back of Artwork.jpg

Finally, follow these steps to mail us the finished artwork, and we will deliver it to the children!
- First, please snap a photo of each piece of art before mailing it to us so you have a copy for your records.

- Next, please send the artwork to our address in any envelope you like.  You are welcome to send by any method, and most people use USPS Priority Mail:

The Memory Project
2163 N. Gateway St
Middleton, WI 53562-3403

- We will then celebrate the conclusion by sending you a video montage of the delivery, focusing on the excitement of hundreds of children in that country receiving their artwork together.  (See example below!) 

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