Jeanie's Fund

Jeanie Small was a dedicated public schoolteacher. She passed away in 2017. Her family established Jeanie’s Fund to help sponsor students to create portraits for The Memory Project.

We usually request a participation fee of $15 per student. Jeanie’s Fund allows us to sponsor schools that match the following criteria.


If this sounds like a good match for your school, simply email us at and we will plan for your participation!


  • Open to under-resourced high schools.

  • A teacher must be in charge of the participating students and serve as our contact.

  • Each group, whether an art class or club, must have 5 to 20 participating students. Students must be considered advanced in their artistic skills.

  • Each group must use its own art supplies to create the portraits and pay for the postage to mail them to us. Mailing one package of 5 to 20 portraits is about $10 when sent by USPS Priority Mail.