Writing Exchange

- EST. 2020 -

Teacher Information

Help your K-12 students process their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic with children around the world through our all-digital global Writing Exchange.  

How it Works

Register online here to tell us you would like to participate. Wait for us to email you back with instructions and a writing template (also found online here) before you begin.


On the writing template we provide, have your students write one page of anything--a story, letter, poem--based on our writing prompts.


Email us the PDFs complete with a photo of each student. Within a week, we will email you submissions from children living in a mixture of places around the world! 


FREE to participate

Donations are appreciated

This program is free; however, as a small nonprofit organization that depends on participation fees to operate, we do encourage all participating schools to donate just $3 per student. 


Schools worldwide are welcome to participate even if their schools are not able to donate.


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of the young people involved in this program. We do not share details regarding any child’s identity or location with any person who is not a Memory Project staff memberThough you may share photos of writing online, we ask that you not post any photos of the actual children.


View our full privacy policy here


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