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Thank you for making portraits for children in Pakistan!

We know that many teachers use the Portrait Program as a chance to teach their students about the lives and culture of the children for whom they create portraits. Feel free to use the following resources to guide your discussions. 


We are passionate about breaking barriers and uniting youth from different cultures. For that reason, we are very exited to create portraits for children in Pakistan for the very first time. As one of our Pakistani partners says, "When many people think of our country they think of terrorism, but it's not like that!  We are a very warm and welcoming people who are eager for friendship and cannot wait to see the special portraits you create for the children in our homes." These children living in orphanages, who have so few things to call their own, will be thrilled to receive the portraits that your students create just for them--to feel the love and kindness from a foreign world through the universal language of art.  

Helpful Links


Pakistan has some of the most diverse flavors in the world. Take a look at the top traditional dishes according to Culture Trip. 

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This profile by Peace Insight briefly describes the various conflicts that exist within Pakistan as well as the organizations working towards peace in the region. 

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This YouTube video captures a performance of Qawwali, a Muslim devotional music associated particularly with Sufis in Pakistan. 


Get a glimpse of the most unique and unusual things to do in Pakistan with this list from Atlas Obscura. 

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See what it takes to put on traditional Pakistani wedding in this family's YouTube video

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Get acquainted with Pakistani culture--from currency to customs--with this guide to Pakistan from Commisceo Global. 

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