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Poetry Exchange

- COMING FALL 2020 -

The Memory Project's Poetry Exchange will launch during the 2020-21 school year!


In this one-to-one exchange, American K-12 students engage in cross-cultural creative bonding by exchanging handwritten, heartfelt poetry based on their hopes for the future--for themselves and for the planet--with kids from other countries that speak or learn English in school. 

The Children

The children on the other end of the exchange are from countries that speak English or learn English in school. Though we may speak the same language, these children still come from countries and cultures very different than ours. Through this exchange, our students will get a glimpse into the hopes, dreams, and fears of children just like them living in a far away place; they will connect with kids that they would never have otherwise met and make a friend through the personal language of poetry. 

The Process

We ask each foreign child to create a personal poem based on their hopes for the future--what they hope to see in their own lives and the world around them. Then we match American students with these children abroad, sending teachers photos of the foreign children and poems as inspiration for their students' own poetry. To make the exchange even more personal, every child writes their first name and age, attaches a photo, and a traces an outline of their hand on the back of their poems. Once students in the US finish, we mail teachers the physical poems from the children abroad. Then, we deliver their poems to the children abroad to complete the exchange.

K-12 Teachers

Are you a school teacher interested in involving your students in the Memory Project's Poetry Exchange? We'd love to work with you!