Portrait Guidelines

Best of Rohingya-6697.jpg


Size.  9x12” to fit inside the plastic sleeves we use to protect the finished artwork.

Media.  Any 2-D media (although pastels may be vulnerable to smearing).

Surface.  Any type of paper.  Stretched canvas also works if cut from wooden frame.  Please avoid any type of board.

Resemblance.  What kids love the most is seeing their true resemblance in the portraits, and that requires getting their facial dimensions right.  Artists are therefore encouraged to measure the distance between features on each child’s face to help ensure accuracy in their resemblance.

Artistic license.  Artists are welcome to add creative backgrounds, change the color of a shirt, smooth out hair, and make other artistic enhancements as long as the face remains realistic.


Child's ID code and name.  Write the child's ID code and name (found on the photo we provide) in the top left corner. 


Artist's photo.  All artists should attach a respectable photo of themselves.  This is VERY important, because the children love to see their artists!  (If this is truly not possible, artists can make a simple sketch of themselves instead.)


Artist's hand outline.  Each artist should trace an outline of their hand as a way of symbolically touching hands with the child.


Artist's first name and age.  Artists should then write their first name and age inside the tracing of their hand, along with these words: I was happy to make this for you and I hope you enjoy it.


For security purposes, artists are not allowed to include contact information.