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Advanced art students create portraits for global kindness

We invite art students skilled in portraiture to make special gifts for children facing substantial challenges around the world.  The portraits help the children feel valued, show them that many people care about their wellbeing, and provide them with a special childhood memory for the future.  Since 2004 we have coordinated the delivery of 180,000 portraits to children in 55 countries.

Art Teachers

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Check our ability guidelines to make sure this program is right for your students.


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Email portraits@memoryproject.org or call 608-616-0317 to get started!

We request a contribution of $15 per portrait, which is our only source of funding for coordinating the delivery of the portraits to the children.  Most of our participants send us their contributions at the same time that they mail us their finished portraits.


If you work at a low-income school or your group cannot afford the full contribution for any reason, please let us know.  Our goal is to include as many young artists as possible regardless of finances.

The Process

You select a country

After you email us with interest, we will tell you about the children and countries we currently have involved.  Each country has a different timeframe and you can tell us which fits your schedule.

We email you the photos

​As soon as you're ready to begin, we will email you:

  • Digital photos of the children’s faces

  • An inspirational video about the children in your chosen country and other teacher resources 

Your students create the portraits

Your students then study the children's photos to create the portraits according to our guidelines.  Next, you mail us the finished artwork along with your group's financial contribution to support coordination and delivery to the children.

We deliver to the children

We will deliver your portraits along with several thousand others destined for children in that country.  We then make a short video montage of the delivery to capture the children's collective excitement.  These videos do not focus on any portraits individually but rather the overall joy that all participants helped to create together.  See recent examples: Afghanistan 2019Syria 2019Philippines 2019.

"This is the most meaningful, important and valuable project I have ever worked on with my students."

Kellye Markowski, Art Teacher


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of the young people involved in this program. We do not share details regarding any child’s identity or location with any person who is not a Memory Project staff member.  Though you may share photos of your portrait artwork online, it is forbidden to post photos of the actual children.


View our full privacy policy here


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