Providing digital photos of children instead of prints

Based on feedback from teachers we are now making a change in the way that we send you the photos of the children's faces. Instead of mailing printed copies of their photos, we will now be providing all children's photos digitally. There are several reasons for this change:



1) Ever since 2006 we have asked our participants to contribute $15 per portrait to cover our operating costs.  However, due to inflation, $15 in 2006 is actually equivalent to $19 today. We want to keep the amount at $15, so we need to occasionally find new ways to save money. Mailing printed copies of children's photos to our participants costs about $30,000 each year in printing, postage, and staff time, so providing the photos digitally will save a lot of resources.


2) Providing digital photos rather than mailing printed photos will help us be kinder to the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.


3) We surveyed a group of teachers and found that 85% were supportive of this change. We also learned that 30% of teachers had not even used the printed photos we provided.



Therefore, we will now send you digital photos of the children, and your students can work from them or print them in any way they like to create the children's portraits. Once finished, you can then mail us the portraits and we will put them in labeled plastic sleeves for delivery to the children. Here are our new instructions for what to put on the backs of the portraits.

Of course, we want this change to be as smooth as possible for all of our participants, and we very much hope that you will tell us if this presents an inconvenience for you or your students. We deeply value your involvement and want to make sure this change does not complicate your participation. Thank you!

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