We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of everyone involved in our programs.  



We keep the identities and locations of everyone involved in our programs strictly confidential. Participants in our programs learn only the first name, age, and country of the child with whom they are matched. We will never share any information about a child's location or personal history.


It is strictly forbidden to post a photo of any child involved in our programs on the internet. Students who participate in our programs are allowed to post images of their artwork online, but are absolutely not allowed to post photos of any children online.


We have obtained permission to post photos of certain children on our website, but we will never post, print, or publish a photo of a child without permission.   


We may at times choose to post, print, or publish images of student artwork. We generally do not seek permission before doing so, because we consider every work of art we receive to be a gift to our organization.


If for any reason you do not want your artwork to be shared online, please let us know. We will never post, print, or publish any images of artwork that a participant has specifically asked us not to share.


All participants are forbidden from sharing their personal contact information on the back of their artwork. Likewise, we will never share your contact information with anyone else unless we ask for and receive your permission. 


We would never want any of the terms above to prevent your participation, so please free free to contact us with any questions or concerns.