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Thank you for making portraits for children in Venezuela!

We know that many teachers use the Portrait Program as a chance to teach their students about the lives and culture of the children for whom they create portraits. Feel free to use the following resources to guide your discussions. 


Since 2013, Venezuela has suffered from recession characterized by hyperinflation (said to be twice as bad as during the Great Depression in the US), power outages, and food and medicine shortages that have left many families without basic necessities and resources to be able to provide for themselves. Millions of Venezuelans have fled the country in search of work and a better future.   

This is our first time creating portraits for Venezuelan children, and we have partnered with a wonderful school that cares for children from impoverished families. Your one-of-a-kind portraits will send a message of friendship and kindness to these inspiring children in the way that only the universal language of art can.

Helpful Links

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Watch one of Venezuela's folk dances, Calipso, performed in this video from Folk Dances Around the World.

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This video from Al Jazeera gives an overview of the current economic crisis in Venezuela and some of the political factors that brought it into being since 2013. 


Learn all about the history of Venezuela and how it led to the current economic and political crisis in this article from History Channel

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Get a brief overview of Venezuelan culture with this post by Republica de Venezuela.

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Check out some of the tastiest foods that Venezuela has to offer in this article by the Broke Backpacker.

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