Global Writing Exchange

Writing & Upload Instructions

This exchange will end on Oct. 16, 2020



Format. One page, in English, following our template:


        Download template as PDF (open in Adobe Acrobat)

        Download template as Word Document

        Open template in Google Docs

Photo. Each student must place a respectful photo or other image of themselves in the upper left corner of the template.


Prompts. Respond to any or all of these questions:

  • What sorts of things have helped you to feel positive or hopeful this year?

  • What are some things that you hope will happen during the next year?

  • How would you like the world to change in the years ahead?

File Names. Save each student's writing file as a separate PDF in the following format, and know that we will not share your email address with anyone outside our team:


       {TeacherEmail} - {StudentName}.pdf


      EXAMPLE: - Asha.pdf

                           (teacher email)                 (student)

Please screen submissions for inappropriate content

Our small team is not able to screen every submission, so we ask that you please carefully screen your students' submissions before uploading them to us.  Submissions should not include:


- Inappropriate student photos 

- Statements of religious beliefs

- Statements about political candidates

- Statements that are morbid or violent in nature

- Judgements about individuals or groups of people


Similarly, when you receive the exchange writings from students at other schools, please review them before sharing them with your students and alert us if you find any of the same.

Upload Instructions

After you have saved each of your students' writing files according to our instructions above and screened them for inappropriate content, please upload the files here by dragging and dropping or clicking "select files" to choose them from a location on your computer.

We will then carry out the one-to-one exchange with students at other schools and share their writing with you in return!

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